AbleSim is run by Dr Andrew Bell BA(Open) MSc ChPP RPP FAPM SFHEA offering Project Management scenarios.

I teach project management. I started at a training company and have held positions at Coventry and Warwick universities. I’m now an independent consultant writing both online and paper-based Project Management case study activities for academic use. I have 6 on the market now, and I hope to write 5 more in the next 12 months.

Andrew Bell at AbleSim provides Training Activities, Icebreakers, Project Management Simulations, Project Management Training and Consultancy, and remote MS Project Support. Andrew Bell also has 18 years experience supervising Master’s Dissertation projects.

Free Trial: If you want a sample, please try the Free Trial Online Simulation. With just three tasks, and the use of up to 8 resources.

The Warehouse Simulation: The Online Warehouse Construction Project Simulation is a test of assigning resources to a schedule in order to complete the project on time. The Warehouse Construction Project has seven tasks, and the use of up to 14 resources. Can you complete it as fast as possible? The simulation takes around 40 minutes to complete. It can be repeated many times with differing results. There are even one or two surprises along the way!

The Yes/No Simulation: The Yes-No Project, Project Management Simulation is an online Project Management simulation. It can take as little as 30 minutes to complete. The Yes-No Project Simulation is a test of applying consistent answers to a series of common project management situations. Should you sub-contract? Should you get some training? There are 12 questions that need Yes or No answers.

Project Confusion: An icebreaker suitable for all skills. Helps any team to communicate and examines leadership skills giving practical experience of team working. Will your team get the right answer?

The Garden Party Project: An icebreaker suitable for all occasions, but best suited to helping a project team develop. The activity helps the project team communicate, and examines leadership and team working via a practical application. Will your team finish on time and on budget?

The New Hangar Simulation: An activity best suited to helping a project team develop. Something to test the teams skills with Stakeholders, Risk Planning, and creating a Work Breakdown Structure. Which team will win?

Project Transformation: Project Transformation is a project case study that can be used to fill up to 3-hours (or 3 1 hour sessions) of a project management training/lecture session. The activity assumes that some simple project management concepts have been taught, and tests to see if students/delegates can then apply them on a ‘real’ project scenario.

The case study is based on a fictitious new 12-month product development project. Situations occur at 3, 6, and 10 months that require resolving using project management principles. Previous delegates have commented how true to life the project situations are!

Project Management is a complex and dynamic subject. It cannot be taught solely by classroom lectures, books, or case studies. Project Management scenarios, case studies, and activities are required for students to learn through experience.

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AbleSim also offers traditional classroom based project management training with afternoon simulations, and also Microsoft Project Training.

Andrew Bell has over 35 years of Project Management experience starting with 15 years in the Automotive industry (Automotive, Research, and IT projects), followed by 4 years experience as a Project Management Trainer (Electronics, FMCG, Telecommunications, Construction projects), and 13 years as a university academic teaching Project Management (Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Part-time, Full-time, and Mature students).

Registered Project Professional

APM Registered Project Professional

APM ChPP Chartered Project Professional

APM ChPP Chartered Project Professional

Andrew is a Chartered Project Professional ChPP. Andrew holds ‘Fellow’ Member and ‘Registered Project Professional’ (RPP) status in the Association for Project Management (APM) and has been the Chair of the APM People Specific Interest Group, and has also been active on both Midlands Branch and National APM committees. Andrew has reviewed APM member applications, and written examination questions for the Higher Apprenticeship and Project Professional Qualifications.

Andrew is also a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Authority demonstrating a deep understanding of Teaching and Learning at University level. Recognition reference PR089531. Andrew has supervised Master’s Dissertation Projects – sometimes 30 a year – for the past 18 years.

Andrew has first class skills in MS Project 2013/2016, and has attained the Microsoft Certification “Managing Projects with Microsoft Project 2013” (74-343). Certification number: F394-6424.

His recent PhD thesis award concerns “The Development of a Conceptual Framework for Simulations in Project Management Education”.

Project Management is an “Experiential Subject” – you cannot just teach it in a classroom – students have to experience the ‘thrills and spills’ of running their own projects to understand and appreciate how to plan properly. Project Management scenarios can help them do that!

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