Do you need an icebreaker for a training course? An icebreaker suitable for all skills? Something to help a team communicate? Something to help with leadership and team working? Then you need Project Confusion!

Project Confusion Ibis Image

Project Confusion Ibis Image

What is it?

Project Confusion is a classroom/paper based information sharing exercise which examines leadership, team-working, and communication skills. Team members have to share information to solve a problem. Suitable for up to 4 teams of 4, 5, or 6 delegates, the simulation takes around 60 minutes to run, and that includes time for a debrief and feedback.

Who is it for?

Students/delegates who want some practical exercises in problem solving and communications. The exercise is ideal for students or project team members on a team building or Project Management course.  No prior knowledge of construction, engineering, or Project Management is required to complete the exercise.

Academics/Corporate Users – If you need more details, please contact me for details.

Why Use it?

To allow delegates to experience the practical issues of solving a problem, and reflect on their experiences. Individual reflection is encouraged before allowing delegates to share their experiences of their teams performance.

What is included?

  • A Hard-Plastic Storage Box.
  • A Facilitator Folder with detailed instructions and feedback
  • 4 Team Information Packs with instructions for up to 28 delegates/students
  • 4 packs of Project Confusion Cards
  • A USB stick with pdf copies of all the relevant information

Download the Project Confusion Simulation Flier

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What project managers, academics and students say about the simulation:

I learnt that some team members don’t get involved and hide their information.

Success depends on organised teamwork.

A fun simulation!

Identifying a team leader is important.

I liked everything about the simulation.

An excellent simulation.

The simulation opened up my views about team working.

A great simulation!

With bits of information gathered from team members, there could be a solution to a problem. I loved it!

Exchanging information is really important, and a project has to have a trusted leader.

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