Why Use Project Management Simulations?

Project Confusion is a paper-based/classroom team working activity that can take as little as 30 minutes to complete. It is ideally suited to project team development situations. Project Management is a complex and dynamic subject. It cannot be taught solely by classroom lectures, books, or case studies. Teaching team working theory is easy, but no two people are the same. Activities are required for students to learn through experience.

Project Confusion Now Available

Project Confusion is developed from an information sharing classroom based activity, modified to suit project management students. The activity is designed to allow a class of up to 30 to experience project management within an hour lecture. Download a marketing Project Confusion Simulation Flier.

What is it? Who is it for? How Long Does it Take?

Project Confusion is a test of information sharing, communication, and leadership. There is problem that needs to solved via teamworking, with a few red-herrings thrown in to add to the confusion!

The simulation is designed for Project Management students, or Project Team members who may be learning about project management, or on a team-building course. The activity is also suitable for those on a leadership or teamworking development course. The activity takes around 30 minutes to complete, and 30 minutes to reflect and de-brief the learning points.


The following gallery shows the product in full detail.

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The simulation is available for purchase here.

Experiential Learning is Learning by Doing. Project Confusion allows team members to work on an activity through to completion, and then reflect on their, and others, behaviours.

Posted On: 17th December 2017

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