Do you need an Project Management Case Study to support a training course?

Project Transformation

Project Transformation

What is it?

Project Transformation is a project case study that can be used to fill up to 3-hours of a project management training session. The activity assumes that some simple project management concepts have been taught, and tests to see if students/delegates can then apply them on a ‘real’ project.

Here is a list of topics that can be “brought to life” in this case study. (Downloads as a .pdf).

Suggested Teaching Tools – Project Transformation

The case study is based on a fictitious new 12-month product development project. Situations occur at 3, 6, and 10 months that require resolving using project management principles. Previous delegates have commented how true to life the project situations are!

Who is it for?

Students/delegates who have learnt some of the project management fundamentals as theory, and want to apply some of their knowledge to a case study. Academics who require a practical exercise to support their teaching.

Managers who would like to give their project team a challenging test as part of team-building exercise.

Why Use it?

Project Management is said to be more of an ‘art’ than a ‘science’. There are many questions to be asked in any given project situation. Being able to evaluate a situation and apply the correct project management tool to resolve the issue (and prevent it happening again) is a skill that cannot be taught in lectures. Knowing the theory of project is one thing. Applying it correctly is a different skill-set.

Academics/Corporate Users – If you need more details, please contact me for details.

Product Images:

Project Transformation

Project Transformation

Project Transformation

Project Transformation

Project Transformation

Project Transformation



What project managers, academics and students say about the simulation:

Being able to apply theories and find solutions for the project is important.

A practical scenario on how to apply the theories learnt.

Intellectually stimulating and very relevant.

Encourages team work and builds a team spirit.

Encourages critical thinking.

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