Over the past months and years I have written 17 blogs for Microsoft Project Support. I wrote these blogs to help students and project managers use this software, which may look easy to use and self-teach, but is actually quite a complex product.

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I have now brought these blogs together into an index of blogs, to help students and project managers find the correct article.

My Microsoft Project Experience

I have been teaching Microsoft Project since the year 2000, and have used all versions of the desktop software. (Including versions 98, 2000, 2002, 2007, 2010, 2013, and 2016). I delivered a one-day training course in Project over 70 times, and have to admit that I learnt something new every time!

I hold the Microsoft Project 74-343 certification.

During 2016 and 2017 I spent 60 days working as a consultant using Microsoft Project. This was as a planner on a real business change project.

Microsoft Project Support

This is therefore an index of links to the tips, and suggested structure, for a Microsoft Project Support that I have written over the past years.

Microsoft Project Videos

I also have a playlist of Microsoft Project screen capture ‘how-to’s’ created over the past years. This list currently includes 24 videos.

Microsoft Project YouTube Playlist.

Index of Microsoft Project Support Blogs

  Date Title and Contents
1 18 July 2016 Float. Slack Free and Total
2 16 August 2016 Project Baselines
3 5 September 2016 Constraints – Dynamic Plans
4 13 September 2016 Green and Red Milestones
5 1 September 2017 Traffic Lights in MS Project 2016
6 11 November 2017 Assignments in Microsoft Project
7 11 November 2017 Work Contours in Microsoft Project
8 23 November 2017 The Team Planner in Microsoft Project
9 2 January 2018 (Not) Using Calendars in Microsoft Project
10 8 February 2018 Work and Duration in Microsoft Project
11 14 February 2018 Managing Project Costs in Microsoft Project
12 29 March 2018 Microsoft Project Weekly Tip
13 24 May 2018 Why Minutes Matter in Projects
14 17 September 2019 Assigning Resources and Costs in MS Project
15 18 March 2020 MS Project Support – 1:2:1 Training
16 30 October 2020 Using Microsoft Project
17 26 November 2020 Things Microsoft Project Can’t Do

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Posted On: 20th March 2018

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