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MS Project Support is still available during this corona virus covid19 outbreak. If you are isolated at home, if your work is inaccessible, or if your project has paused. Now is an excellent time to improve your MS Project knowledge, skills and competences.

I have three methods that can be accessed to assess and improve your knowledge of MS Project.

1. MS Project Self Assessment

Download a list of questions and assess if you really do understand this complex software, or if you might benefit from some support and training. This service is self assessed and completely free.

Download the questions (pdf).

Download the file to interrogate (Project 2013).

2. MS Project Audit

Email me your MS Project file for inspection.

You will then receive a detailed emailed report (typically more than 5 pages) comparing your supplied MS Project file with best Project Management Practices.

The report will be in 13 separate chapters covering over 60 MS Project features including: Clarity of objectives, Task structure, Resources and assignments, Costs, Dependencies, Gantt chart formatting, Risks, Resource Analysis, Baselining, and use of custom features.

This will be followed by a phone call if required to discuss the report. This service costs £50 is is limited to an hours work.

3. MS Project 1:2:1 via Skype

Session to cover your needs: Following some basic questions, a tailored session to meet your needs will be developed.

Questions may include;

  • Do you model costs and resources in MS Project?
  • Do you understand the difference between work and duration?
  • How do you enter start/finish dates?
  • What is your preferred method for adding dependencies and resources.
  • Will you be base-lining and tracking the project?

Typically after this initial discussion I spend an hour sharing my screen and talking through MS Project. I answer questions as we go through. Then for the second hour or so you share your screen with me and we talk through the issues in your own project plan.

This service costs £150 is is limited to 3 hours work. Contact me for further information.


These MS Project courses are delivered from the view-point of a project manager, and not from an IT training standpoint. Therefore we can discuss project management processes, and how to use the MS Project tool to deliver projects, rather than go through each command one-by-one.

The current covid19 situation is an unfortunate humanitarian crisis. However, life will return to normal.  You can use your isolation time, or pause in project to improve your competences in MS Project.

Posted On: 18th March 2020

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