Assigning Resources and Costs in MS Project

I have written a few blogs on MS Project, and all are mainly about the interesting and complicated things. I now realise that I have some videos about the simpler things in Microsoft Project, without accompanying blogs. This blog is about the Resource Sheet, and Assigning Resources and Costs in MS Project.

In effect it brings together all the links to videos and blogs on the topic of Project Resources in MS Project.

The process is the same for many versions of MS Project, and although the videos below show Project 2013, the same methods apply to MS Project 2016.

Resource Sheet in MS Project

Here is a video clip showing how to use the Resource Sheet in MS Project to populate the available resources.

The video covers, Work, Material, and Cost resources.

Assigning Resources and Costs in MS Project

Once the resources are added on the Resource Sheet, the assignments have to be made to link the tasks to the resources.

The following video shows how to do this in MS Project.

I have previous blogs on Responsibility Matrices explaining the issues about Accountability.

There is further information regarding Assignments in MS Project for reference for situations where things are a little more complicated. Work Contours are used when the work is not equally spread through the duration of an assignment.

Assigning Resources Using the Team Planner

Finally, another way of assigning resources is to use the Team Planner. Again, I already have a blog on this, highlighting some of the problems of assigning resources using this method.


Adding resources to a project plan is vital, because resources are often the limiting factor in delivering to a schedule.

Resource assignments in MS Project sounds easy, but some different methods do not allow the finesse that you may require when adding assignments and work contours.

Posted On: 17th September 2019

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