Assignments in Microsoft Project

Assignments in Microsoft Project. Most people use Microsoft Project to see tasks in a ‘Gantt Chart’. Assigning resources to these tasks via the ‘Resource Sheet’ is usually their next step.

Assignment views are required when you want to look at how a particular resource works on a particular task. This is important if the assignment has a different pay rate for the task, or if the work is unequally spread through the duration.

Here is a short video clip on adding resources to tasks and editing assignments and cost table rates.

Adding Tasks and Resources to Microsoft Project

Most people are aware of the following MS Project actions.

Adding tasks to the ‘Gantt Chart’ view, and adding resources into the ‘Resource Sheet’ view. More information can then be obtained by double clicking the task or the resource:

  • Double click a task: Task Information – everything about the task
  • Double click a resource: Resource Information – everything about the resource

However, it is often necessary to look at how a resource works on just one particular task – this is an assignment. For instance how Sam works on Task B, but not how she works on Task A.

Finding the Assignments in Microsoft Project

To see the assignments, you will need to change to one of the ‘Usage’ views – I recommend the ‘Resource Usage’ view.

Resource Usage View

Resource Usage View

Now, double-click on an assignment to see ‘Assignment Information’.

Assignment Information

Assignment Information

In this dialog box you can change the work profile or contour, and change the cost rate tables.

A good use for this would be if the resource gets paid extra for working off-site, or on certain tasks.

I have a separate blog and video which examines the application of work contours to assignments.

Assignments are about how a resource works on a particular task – not about everything the resource does.

Posted On: 11th November 2017

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