Case Study for Project Management

This blog explains why using a Case Study for Project Management is vital when teaching project management. It suggests a reasonably priced case study for academics and educators to use with their teaching.

Teaching Project Management is Easy

Many people think of Project Management plans as just a Gantt chart. However, Project Management is about more than Gantt charts. See my Planning v Scheduling blog for more details.

Gantt charts are used in scheduling, but there are are many other  Project Management Tools – again – see the blog for more information on my 14 tools for Project Management.

Teaching each of these Project Management tools is relatively easy. A 50 minute lecture can cover each of these tools, and provide an awareness of why each is important, and how to implement them.

Putting Project Management into Practice is Difficult!

The hard part is when you are actually trying to manage a project! There is so much going on, that there is no time to think about individual tools. When you are in the thick of a project, is is easy to forget the tools that you might (should?) have used at the start of the project planning phase. However, it is never to late to re-plan a project.

How can you teach that? How can you put a student into that situation?

For students of project management, getting this experiential learning is difficult, and relies on project management educators using a simple, but effective case study.

Case Study – Project Transformation

Whilst the APM has some Project Management Case Studies, these are quite descriptive and wordy project situations.

Project Transformation is available to educators and provides a case study that is:

  • Easy to deliver
  • Encourages critical thinking
  • Represents a practical scenario on how to apply the Project Management theories learnt
  • Is intellectually stimulating and very relevant
  • Encourages team work and builds a team spirit
  • Covers 25 project management topics

Project Transformation is a Case study for Project Management to be used in teaching.

Case study for Project Management

Case study for Project Management


Forward this blog, links, and details of Project Transformation to your teachers and academics. Encourage them to use this practical case study to bring your Project Management learning into the real world!

Link to the blog page.

Sales page.

Link to the “Open the Box” video.


Contact to order your copy of Project Transformation as a practical case study to use on your teaching.

Experiential Learning is Learning by Doing. Project Transformation allows team members to work on an activity through to completion, and then reflect on their Project Management knowledge.

Posted On: 8th November 2022

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