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Project Transformation is a paper-based/classroom team working activity that can be delivered in 3 separate 1-hour sessions, or a single 2-3 hour time slot. It is ideally suited to project team development situations. This Project Transformation blog describes the activity.

Teaching Project Management theory is easy. Putting it into practice is difficult. Activities are required for students to learn through experience.

Project Transformation Now Available

Project Transformation is developed from an information sharing classroom based activity, modified to suit project management students. The activity is designed to allow a class of up to 30 to experience project management within an hour session. Download a marketing Project Transformation Simulation Flier.

What is it? Who is it for? How Long Does it Take?

This exercise/case study is intended to test if students/delegates have understood various project management principles, and can apply them in a ‘real-life’ project case study situation.

Up to 5 teams can take part with up to 6 in a team. However, do look out for ‘passengers’ in large groups.

The activity can take up to three hours with detailed feedback. The activity can also be split and run over 1, 2, or 3 separate one hour sessions.

The project describes a complex new business project, going through various problems during its 12 month development.

Three hours allows time to to fully consider the project management situation, and understand how a strong Project Manager and good planning can help avoid similar difficult project situations. The activity can be completed in a shorter time if feedback presentations are not required.

What project management tools and techniques:

  • a). Would have prevented the problem occurring in the first place?
  • b). Could we now use to get us out of this situation and back on track?
    • Part A – After 3 months of development. One team member does not appear to be completing their agreed work.
    • Part B – After 6 months of development. Project meetings are not running smoothly, and attendance is patchy!
    • Part C – After 10 months of development. We are running late! Do we delay the project?

Project Transformation is a test of information sharing, communication, project management theory and leadership. The case study can highlight the following list of Project Management theories:

Senior Management Support/Project ChampionsResponsibility Matrices – RACI Charts
Benefits ManagementCost Account/Budgets
Stakeholder Identification, Analysis and EngagementEstimating Durations
Project ObjectivesDependency Charts
Project Specifications/ChartersCritical Path Analysis
Project Leadership and Team WorkingProject Milestones/Gateways
Groups and TeamsGantt Charts
Communication in ProjectsResource Analysis
Work Breakdown StructuresRisk Analysis
Organisation Breakdown StructuresMonitoring and Control of Projects – Formal and Informal
Change Management within ProjectsDecision Making
Running Effective MeetingsAgile Project Management
Post Project Reviews/Audits

The simulation was designed for Project Management students but is suitable for Project Management Team members as a team development exercise.

A full debrief/answer pack is provided.


The following gallery shows the product in full detail.

Case study for Project Management

Case study for Project Management

Project Transformation

Project Transformation

Project Transformation

Project Transformation

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Experiential Learning is Learning by Doing. Project Transformation allows team members to work on an activity through to completion, and then reflect on their Project Management knowledge.

Posted On: 28th May 2021

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