Project Transformation – Open The Box

Project Transformation- Open The Box. I’ve created some videos to explain my Project Management case study activities in more detail.

I provide both online and paper-based Project Management case study activities which relate back to Project Management academic theories.

They are designed for HE/FE Educators and trainers who need to teach online, hybrid, or in the classroom. This can free up time and increase student satisfaction & engagement. The activities lead to a deeper understanding of Project Management topics.

Project Transformation Open the Box Video

Here is the video for Project Transformation. It provides a detailed look at what is ‘in-the-box’:

Project Transformation

Full details of Project Transformation can be found here.

  • Ready to go on quality glossy paper, in a solid plastic case. A USB stick is included containing a PowerPoint introduction, and pdf’s of all documents.
  • The one-off fee is for complete ownership. The activity can be used many times by different cohorts – providing a great payback over the years.
  • Typically lasting 1 hour.
  • Free UK Shipping.

Please email me if you have any questions, I have these Project Management case study activities in stock waiting for your order!.

Posted On: 31st August 2021

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