What is Project Management?

This 6 minute video clip (embedded just below) introduces delegates or students to the world of PM. I do this by looking at the standards and the organisations that are the “Owners” of Project Management.

The video introduces:

  • BS6079 The British Standard for Project Management
  • The Association of Project Management (APM) www.apm.org.uk
  • The Project Management Institute (PMI) www.pmi.org
  • The International Project Management Association (IPMA) now over 60 members www.ipma.world
  • Bodies of Knowledge (BoK)
  • Student Membership of the APM (now free!)
  • Chartered status for the profession – the APM is now a chartered body
  • The five dimensions of professionalism in Project Management Link


Essentials of Project Management

Here are some essential foundation level knowledge for management of projects:

Any project should be of benefit to the organisation. This benefit or benefits should be made clear in the business case document. This is the overall objective of the project.

A good business case will cover ‘Why the project is required’. The problem or issue to be solved and what the project is going to do.

It is important to talk to the Project Champion, or Project Sponsor to understand why these overall Time, Cost and Quality objectives have been objectives set.

You need the project team and stakeholders to agree the project objectives.

Project Charter

The Project Charter, often called Project Specifications, PMP’s or PID’s. Getting the Project Objectives clear in a ‘Scope’ document is essential. Establishing what is to be done on the project ‘In-Scope’ and what is not to be done ‘Out-of-Scope’ is vital. This helps in communicating the purpose of the project. ‘Scope Creep’ is a big problem on projects, and communicating the project specification is essential.


Businesses run projects to achieve their strategic aims. Those projects have aims and objectives. The projects need to be managed closely to achieve those aims.

Senior managers need to set up a system for identifying, approving, and closing projects to achieve strategic aims.

Posted On: 3rd August 2017

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