News from AbleSim

In a rare departure I’d thought I’d use this weeks blog to talk about my own business, and the different services that I offer. News from AbleSim includes:

  • A Revamped Weekly Info-Letter
  • Report on Remote Microsoft Project Training Delivered
  • 7 days of Teaching for the IPM in Ireland
  • Regular Blogs are being Published
  • Facebook pages for Microsoft Project and Dissertation Support Created
  • ChPP Chartered Status with the APM Applied for

So, a busy ‘lock-down’ for Andrew at 🔔 AbleSim 🔔!

Walking the Critical Path

I’ve re-vamped my Info-Letter with some new graphical banners to separate each section. The content remains the same, hopefully a little prettier!:

  • In The News
  • Project Management Tip
  • Microsoft Project Tip
  • Recent Blog
  • Master’s Dissertation Tip

Walking the Critical Path

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Microsoft Project Training

I’ve delivered remote Microsoft Project Training during Lock-down using both Teams and Skype. When Lock-Down was announced I created many social media posts. I also created a New Landing Page to advertise my capabilities.

Microsoft Project Landing Page

Microsoft Project Landing Page

Do you need some MS Project Training?

Institute for PM Ireland

I’ve been lucky to pick up some training work from the Institute of Project Management in Ireland. Two sets of training:

  • Raising the Project Management Ability of an Irish Public Sector Organisation. I delivered the Schedule Management module
  • Teaching 4 modules to PMI BoK6, preparing individuals for the PMP examination, via a ‘Passport’ Programme.

All of this training was delivered via Adobe Connect.


I’ve managed to maintain a weekly blog posting. Mainly on Project Management topics, with a few Dissertation Support and Microsoft Project blogs to add interest.

Microsoft Project Support Facebook Page

I’ve separated out my Microsoft Project Facebook Social Media onto a separate Facebook Page. I’ve been cross-posting my services into other Project Management Groups, and supporting total strangers for free!

Microsoft Project Support

Microsoft Project Support

Click here to visit the page – please like, share and follow!

Master’s Dissertation Support Facebook Page

My work to support dissertations continues. I currently have 28 students at various stages of completion. I offer a totally ethical dissertation review service . To support this I separated out my Dissertation Support Facebook Social Media onto a separate Facebook Page.

Master's Dissertation Support

Master’s Dissertation Support

Click here to visit the page – please like, share and follow!

Chartered Status

Lock-Down gave me the opportunity to update my CPD log and finally put in the Chartered Status Application. I’ve got through the telephone interview, and I now await the final outcome.


Contact Andrew Bell at 🔔 AbleSim 🔔- For Project Management Simulations, Microsoft Project Support, and Classroom Activities.

Posted On: 21st July 2020

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