Master’s Dissertation Support Service

I can offer the following in terms of a Master’s Dissertation Support Service. Please always remember that the dissertation is YOUR dissertation. You must be able to understand and defend everything that you have written. I am providing a support service only. My work is therefore limited to advice and recommendations only. Please contact me, for price and payment details.

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Here is what I can offer as a remote supervisor and proof-reader

Here is a list of the services that I offer:

  • Comment on the suitability of the Title
  • Comment on the structure of the Abstract
  • Remark on the overall Chapter structure
  • Comment on the Introduction, Aim, Objectives, and Research Question
  • Comment on the content of the Literature Review Chapter
  • Review the use of citations in the Literature Review Chapter
  • Comment on the content of the Research Methodology Chapter
  • Comment on the content of the Ethics Section
  • Remark on the content of the Case Studies or Questionnaire or Interview Questions
  • Comment on the Presentation of results
  • Comment on the content of the Discussion Chapter
  • Report on the content of the Conclusion Chapter
  • Point out sub-sections that I think may be missing
  • Comment on the Appendices
  • Identify typographical, spelling and punctuation errors
  • Identify formatting and layout errors and inconsistencies (e.g. page numbers, font size, line spacing, headers and footers)
  • Identifying grammatical and syntactical errors and anomalies
  • Highlighting overly long/complex passages where the meaning is unclear
  • Identifying minor formatting errors in referencing
  • Identifying errors in the labelling of diagrams, charts or figures

All of the above is included in an emailed .pdf file.

Excluded Services

Here is what I will not do:

  • Add to the content in any way
  • Check or correct facts, data calculations, formulae or equations
  • Rewrite content for you where the meaning is unclear
  • Alter arguments or logic where it is faulty
  • Re-arrange or re-order paragraphs to enhance the structure or argument
  • Implement or significantly order a referencing system
  • Re-label diagrams, charts or figures
  • Reduce content to comply with a specified word limit
  • Make grammatical, syntactical or stylistic corrections
  • Translate any part of the work into English

The above items would lead to me contributing too much to your work.


I have to be very careful not to put students at risk of plagiarism.

Please remember, at all times take the advice of your supervisor over my comments.

Please contact me, for price and payment details.

Posted On: 24th March 2020

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