Over the past 6 months I have written 16 blogs for Master’s Dissertation Support. I wrote these blogs to help students in the process of writing their Master’s Dissertations. These blogs will also be helpful for final year project students writing up their final year projects.

I have now brought them all together into an index of blogs, to help students find the correct article.

Master’s Dissertation Support

This is therefore an index of links to the tips, and suggested structure, for a Master’s Dissertation or Final Year Project that I have written over the past 6 months.

Suggested Masters Titles

I also have a list of dissertation titles that have been proposed to me over the past few years. This list does not suggest that these are good titles, or are the final title used for the dissertation. I just copy a students proposed title and add it to the list for reference.

Example Master’s Titles.

In addition, I have a playlist of Master’s Dissertation Support videos created over the past years. This list currently includes 16 videos. These videos are embedded into the blogs, and the blogs may be more comprehensive.

Masters’ Dissertation Support Playlist.

Index of Master’s Dissertation Support Blogs

Date PublishedTitle and Contents
4 September 2017Masters Dissertations – The Abstract
11 September 2017Master of Science or MBA?
16 September 2017Expectations of Master’s Level Study
16 September 2017Word Limits in Master’s Dissertations
25 September 2017Research Topics for Master’s Dissertations
30 September 2017Creating a Master’s Dissertation Title
30 September 2017Aims and Objectives for Master’s Dissertations
30 September 2017The Three Elements of a Master’s Dissertation
30 September 2017The Literature Review in the Master’s Dissertation
30 September 2017Research Methodology in Master’s Dissertations
30 September 2017Conclusions, Limitations, Recommendations, and Further Work for Master’s Dissertations
30 September 2017Overall Content and Order for a Master’s Dissertation
27 October 2017Flow through the Master’s Dissertation
27 October 2017Master’s Dissertations – The Discussion Chapter
27 October 2017Master’s Dissertations – The Analysis Chapter
21 February 2018Project Outlines and Project Proposals

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Posted On: 14th March 2018

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