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Nobody goes on a training course for WORD – mainly because it can be easily learnt by trial and error, and WYSWYG – what you see is what you get. (However I would add that many students would gain an advantage by using WORD properly for headings, sections, and tables of contents and page numbering!).
PowerPoint Training? – I’ve never known anybody to do a course.
EXCEL training? – Perhaps for specialist macros, VBA, and functions. But Microsoft Project Training is essential!

Microsoft Project Training

Microsoft Project Training? – Well the answer is you should! This is a powerful piece of project planning software that can do far more than many people realise. Costs, resources, dependencies, assignments and reporting are some of the under used features. I have a training course for MS Project that I can customise for individual customers.

I also provide 2 hours of Skype support in Microsoft Project Training.

Timelines in MS Project

Without proper guidance MS project just becomes an expensive task list with durations. However you feel about Gantt charts (and I don’t think they communicate a project very well at all!), there is so much more you can do with MS Project – like manage the budget, allocate (and smooth!) the resources, and distinguish between work content and duration.

Project Plan

Project Plan

Having given more than seventy individual 1 day Microsoft Project Training courses, I know that it is possible to learn something every time, and I know many shortcuts to making this software useable rather than intimidating!

I teach MS Project from the view point of a project manager rather than an IT expert, and I have now taken and passed the MS Project 2013 74-343 examination to back up my knowledge, and I would be interested in talking to people who require MS Project training.

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Posted On: 30th March 2016

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