Andrew Bell at AbleSim can deliver MS Project training and support, either individually, or for your company.

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Microsoft Project Training

MS Project support is available as follows:

Free MS Project Capability Self-AssessmentMS Project File Audit
2 hours of individual 1:1 MS Project Training
Full 1 day course in Microsoft Project
Assess your own capabilities and needs for a MS Project training course!Conducted via Email and TelephoneConducted remotely via Screen-Sharing on Skype/TEAMS


Using MS Project 2013/2016 to plan, monitor, and communicate a project.
£50 £150£575 day rate
up to 4 delegates, Plus expenses Includes Delegate Handouts
Download Self-Assessment questions for MS Project 2013/2016.

So you think you know how to use MS Project?

Download a list of questions and assess if you really do understand this complex software, or if you might benefit from some support and training.

Email me your MS Project file and we will investigate and audit your use of MS Project.


You will receive a detailed emailed report (typically more than 5 pages) comparing your supplied MS Project file with best Project Management Practices:

The report will be in 13 separate chapters covering over 60 MS Project features including: Clarity of objectives, Task structure, Resources and assignments, Costs, Dependencies, Gantt chart formatting, Risks, Resource Analysis, Baselining, and use of custom features.

Followed by a phone call to discuss the report.


Session to cover your needs: Following some basic questions, a tailored session to meet your needs will be developed.

Do you model costs and resources in MS Project?

Do you understand work and duration?

Will you be baselining and tracking the project?

Morning Session:

  1. Project Management
  2. Create a new Project
  3. What is MS Project?
  4. Creating the Work Breakdown Structures (WBS)
  5. Entering Project Resources
  6. Assigning Responsibilities
  7. Entering Work
  8. Adding Dependencies
  9. Entering Project Costs

Afternoon Session:

  1. Entering Durations
  2. Viewing the Critical Path
  3. Baselining
  4. Project Tracking
  5. Project Communication
  6. Advanced Resource Issues
  7. Corporate Concerns
Download the questions (Word 2013).

Download the file to interrogate (Project 2013).

Other downloads are also available on the Downloads page.

Please email to discuss file sizes and MS Project version prior to payment.

Contact me for payment options

Contact me for other payment optionsContact me to discuss your requirements and make arrangements!

Delegates to provide their own Hardware/Software

These MS Project courses are delivered from the view-point of a project manager, and not from an IT training standpoint. Therefore we can discuss project management processes, and how to use the MS Project tool to deliver projects, rather than go through each command one-by-one.

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