Yes/No Project Management Simulation

AbleSim are pleased to launch the second on-line simulation – the Yes/No Project Management Simulation.

Developed initially (as a paper exercise) to allow for up to 150 students to gain some experiential project management learning within a 50 minute lecture period. The simulation has now been developed to be an online offering, and only requires ‘Yes or No’ answers to 12 typical project management questions.

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The simulation is an activity that allows students of project management to experience and appreciate how they need to consider their project objectives when they make decisions as the project progresses.

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Simulation Questions

The simulation questions are typical prpject management situations concerning:

  • The use of or purchase of specialist equipment
  • Technical training for the project team
  • Team-Building training
  • The use of communication
  • Involvement of stakeholders
  • Informal project monitoring.

Results from the Yes/No Project Management Simulation are presented. Unlimited attempts are available so that students can reconsider their decisions, and improve their score. Try the simulation by following this link!

Academic Pricing

Academics, please contact AbleSim for details on how you can arrange access for you cohorts of students at a discounted price.

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Posted On: 24th April 2017

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