Tools v Methodology

A question that I’ve often been asked is “What training or qualifications do I need to be a project manager?” More often than not a student is considering paying for PRINCE2 training. Whereas what they really need is some project experiences, and development of their knowledge. This would improve their competences in using the main project management tools and techniques.

Types of Training:

There are two distinct type of project management training, firstly training in methodologies, and secondly training in tools, and it is not always clear what is being offered from any particular training provider!

Project Management Tools v Project Management Methods

Project Management Tools v Project Management Methods

Individuals, and particularly students, need the later, developing their knowledge, awareness, and use of the basic project management tools. However, more senior staff, managers, and organisations perhaps need the former, an understanding of how project management can and should be applied in their businesses. Training staff in methodologies without proper training in tools and techniques is a recipe for disaster!

My advise to students is to get some experience and training in the tools and techniques of project management. Then get a job in a project based environment (where hopefully the organisation will pay for the methodology training).

Further, it is not just project managers, or potential project managers, that need training. All project team members can benefit from learning some key project management skills. This builds commitment and ownership of the project plan with the actual people who will be delivering the project activities and tasks.

AbleSim offers training in project management tools and techniques, aimed at both project team members and project managers.

Both types of training are essential, and yet both are very different, and both can be labelled as “project Management training”. Project management tools and techniques are applicable to all staff working on the project, because “people” deliver projects, plans help.

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Posted On: 17th May 2021

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