Public Realm Improvements Gosford Street and Gulson Road

June 2015 saw the start of improvements between buildings in Coventry City Centre. Changes to the use of the buildings over a 50 year time period and several new university developments meant that confused pedestrian access routes could be changed into a new thoroughfare. The project was initiated in 2014 and building work commenced in May 2015.

Project Funding

Funded by the City Council, the University and a European Regional Development Fund grant, the works continued through the autumn of 2015, and, as these pictures taken in February 2016 attest, are still continuing!


Work Continues……


More work – this time to prevent skate-borders damaging the edges of the sandstone.

Experiential Learning

The project allowed a real case study analysis of project management issues each week as seminar rooms overlooked part of the work. Rather than working on paper exercises students could look out of the window and relate to scheduling dependency problems, contractor resource issues, contract payment issues, material and machinery delivery issues, and risk management issues related to a real project. As a case study it was relevant and local to the students, however it was also very static, and the project is now finished. Next year – the project won’t be continuing when I teach – and I’ll need a new case study (or a simulation!) to help engage the students in the practical realities of project management.

New walkways in-front of the William Morris Building

New walkways in-front of the William Morris Building

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Posted On: 3rd March 2016

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