Andrew Bell at AbleSim can deliver classroom based training with paper based simulations and also Microsoft Project Training for your company.

Training can also be delivered virtually, my speciality is 1:2:1 sessions in MS Project via TEAMS or SKYPE.


Project Management Training

My training courses concentrate on practical project management tools for project managers and project team members rather than process-heavy project management methodologies.

One day simulation days are available which cover:

Course 1Course 2Course 3Course 4
Project Management Tools and TechniquesProject Management via Team WorkingProject Resource ManagementMicrosoft Project

(Others ways to get MS Project Support)

A look at the overall Project Management process and 10 different Project Management tools.Involving the project team in the project planning process.Ensuring that sufficient resources are available, and not over allocated.Using MS Project 2013/2016 to plan, monitor, and communicate a project.
Morning Session:

  1. Project Specifications
  2. Project Work Breakdown Structures (WBS)
  3. Project Stakeholder Analysis
  4. Project Communication Planning
  5. Project Responsibility Matrices
  6. Project Cost Accounts
  7. Project Dependency Charts
  8. Project Gantt Charts
  9. Project Risk Management
  10. Project Monitoring and Control
Morning Session:

  1. Leadership and Team Working
  2. Team Commitment
  3. Team Involvement
  4. Trust in the Team
  5. Team Communication
Morning Session:

  1. Overview of the Project Management Process
  2. Why are Resources scarce?
  3. Project Resource Planning
  4. Project Resource Requirements
  5. Solving Project Resource Problems
Morning Session:

  1. Project Management
  2. Create a new Project
  3. What is MS Project?
  4. Creating the Work Breakdown Structures (WBS)
  5. Entering Project Resources
  6. Assigning Responsibilities
  7. Entering Work
  8. Adding Dependencies
  9. Entering Project Costs
Afternoon Session:

2 hour Simulation – based on WBS and Risk Management


Results, Feedback and Lessons Learnt.

Afternoon Session:

2 hour Simulation – Cost Control in a Construction Engineering Project


Results, feedback and Lessons Learnt.

Afternoon Session:

3 hour Simulation – based on resourcing a project to a successful conclusion

(includes breaks)

Results, Feedback and Lessons Learnt.

Afternoon Session:

  1. Entering Durations
  2. Viewing the Critical Path
  3. Baselining
  4. Project Tracking
  5. Project Communication
  6. Advanced Resource Issues
  7. Corporate Concerns
Course 1Course 2Course 3Course 4

These simulation days are designed so that the afternoon period (traditionally the “Graveyard Slot”) are used for delivering an immersive and experiential Project Management Simulation.

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