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AbleSim Info-Letter Header Image Project Management Information

AbleSim Info-Letter Header Image Project Management Information

Project Management Information

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Current issue #52 released on November 7th 2019. The next issue #53 is due to be released 14th November 2019.

Project Management Info-Letter Archive and Topics

Issue NumberDate IssuedTopics – In the News, MS Project Tip, PM Tip, Recent Blog, Dissertation Support
 105 October 2017Big Ben, Legend Off when Printing, WBS, EXCEL Rant, Aims and Objectives
 212 October 2017BloodHound, Fields, Estimating, Can Communicate with MS Project, Aims
 319 October 2017Hyperloop, Dependencies, Dependencies, Stakeholder Management v Stakeholder Engagement, Chapter lists and WBS
 426 October 2017Low Cost Navy Frigates, Multiple Projects, Resources, Project Objectives, Methodology
 502 November 2017Houses of Parliament, Assignments, Communication, Benefits Management, 3 blogs
 609 November 2017HS2, Work Contours, PMO/Reviews, Project Charters, Ethics
 716 November 2017Driverless Cars, Team Planner, KanBan, Work Assignments in MS Project, Progress reporting
 823 November 2017Hinkley Point, Task Path, Project Risk, Runner Repeater Stranger, Discussion and Critical Evaluation
 930 November 2017Tesla, Task Inspector, Progress Monitoring, Kanban Boards, Conclusions Review
 1007 December 2017Nasa Voyager, TimeLines, Baselines, Simulations, PM Progress
 1114 December 2017Dam Building Grandmother, Attach Documents, Float and Slack, Communications versus the APM BoK and CF, Elevator Pitch
 1221 December 2017Nasa Orion, Organizer, Stakeholders, Project Monitoring, Proposals
 1304 January 2018Plan your Resolution, Creating New Tables, ROI, IRR, and NPV, Using calendars in MS Project, Peak Workloads on hand-in
 1411 January 2018Alexa, Siri, Coratana and google, Creating New Views, Business Case/Benefits, What is a Project Risk, Choosing the project
 1518 January 2018A380 Projects and Products, Creating New Filters, Writing the Specification, Project Risk Assessment, Marking Dissertations
 1625 January 2018Carillion and Government Contracts, Showing Total and Free Float, Sharing the Specification, Where does Project Risk Assessment go Wrong?, Corporate Learning
 1701 February 2018Houses of Parliament, 35 Levels, WBS Tips, Project Management Task Types, Outlines v Proposals
 1808 February 2018Space X Falcon Heavy, Project Resource and material Costs, OBS, Work and Duration are Different, Real Project Outlines
 1915 February 2018Olympic Games Korea, Project Fixed Costs, RACI Charts, Work and Duration in MS Project, When it goes quiet!
2022 February 2018Wooden Skyscraper, Adding a custom field for WP level, Skills for the PM, Costs in Microsoft Project, New Stakeholders
211 March 2018Airbus, Right Clicking, Team Location, Project Outlines and Project Proposals, PM being the technical Expert
228 March 2018Nile Dam, Zooming in to minutes, Communication Matrix, Project Selection, Gateways to stop projects.
2315 March 2018F-35 Lightning II, Milestone Dates, Groups and Teams, Coventry South Scheme, Case Studies Before Titles
2422 March 2018Kenilworth Railway Station, Zoom to Task, Project Manager as Leader, Index of Masters Blogs, Sources of Dissertation Support
2529 March 2018Driver-less cars, Walking Gantt Chart, Competences, Index of MS Project Blogs, Student Syndrome
265 April 2018James Webb Space Telescope, BS6079 Formatting, Benefits Mapping, RACI Charts, Citation Dates
2712 April 2018Remove Debris Space Junk, Creating Dependencies, How to do a WBS, Competences, Masters Level Elements
2819 April 2018Beluga, Project Objectives – Properties, Managing Virtual Teams, Benefits Mapping, What Why How Aims
2926 April 2018Virgin Galactic, Hyperlinks, Trello, Payback, Abstracts are not abstract!
303 May 2018TSB Systems, Adding link to Objectives, WBS Tools Online, ROI, Viva Purpose
3110 May 2018Kenilworth Railway Station, Light Blue shows changes, PM Software, NPV, Project Proposals
32 17 May 2018Reaction Engines, Screen Size – View bar, PM Maturity, IRR, Aims and Objectives
3324 May 2018Gas Projects, CAPS LOCK for work packages, WBS Verb Nouns, Reasons to Ignore Financial Appraisal Methods, Chapter lists and WBS
3431 May 2018Environmentally Responsible Project Management:, Indent only 9 times, WBS top down, Bottom up., Zooming in to Minutes, Methodology
357 June 2018Electric and Driverless Vehicles, Gantt Chart Gridlines, Motivation, Groups and Teams, Ethics
3614 June 2018Project Grief – Wind Satellite, Cost Per Use Resources, Plan for end of life, Belbin, Progress reporting
3721 June 2018Electric Planes, Resource Types, Important v Urgent, Leadership, Discussion and Critical Evaluation
3828 June 2018James Webb Space Telescope, Assigning Resources, Back to Basics – Lists, Work Contours, Conclusions Review
395 July 2018Digital Disruption, Showing Critical Path and Float, Communication, Coventry Construction Projects, PM Progress
4012 July 2018Electric Planes and Innovation, % Complete and Entering actuals, Life Goals, Project Scheduling, Elevator Pitch
4119 July 2018Transport Revolutions, Filter For Resources, Common Sense, Project Schedule Granularity, Proposals
4226 July 2018Hyperloop, Sort By Cost/Duration, WBS, Dynamic Plans, Peak Workloads on hand-in
435 September 2019Where has AbleSim been?
4412 September 2019Research Ethics, Updated Blogs, and Fixing the Dissertation Title
4519 September 2019Bloodhound, Fields, Estimating, Adding Resources and Costs to MS Project, Aims and Objectives
4626 September 2019Orion, SLS, and Artemis, Dependencies, Dependencies, Orion, SLS, and Artemis, Chapter lists and WBS
473 October 2019Hyperloop, Multiple Projects, Resources, Hinkley Point Nuclear Power Plant, Methodology
4810 October 2019Houses of Parliament, Assignments, Communication, Project Portfolios, Dissertation Support Blogs
4917 October 2019Dyson Electric Car, Work Contours, PMO/Reviews, Time Management for Project Managers, Ethics
5024 October 2018Flying Electric Taxis, Team Planner, KanBan, Dissertation Writing Plan, Progress reporting
5131 October 2019James Webb Space Telescope, Task Path, Project Risk, The Viva-Voce examination, Discussion and Critical Evaluation
527 November 2019Boeing Quality Checks, Task Inspector, Progress Monitoring, Project Risk Assessment, Conclusions Review
5314 November 2019Elizabeth Line, TimeLines, Baselines, Time Cost Quality, PM Progress

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