New Hangar Simulation

Students/Delegates are required to develop a ‘Work Breakdown Structure’ and perform a ‘Risk Analysis’ on a Hangar Refurbishment Project. Results are then assessed to determine the winning team!

This Project Management Simulation tests the ability of delegates to read and comprehend various stakeholder reports to create a list of tasks in a Work Breakdown Structure. After an hour or so, delegates will reflect on the uncertainties of Project Management and discover how successful they have been!

You will be purchasing all of the materials to use the simulation for your students/delegates an unlimited number of times, along with trainer guidelines on the operation of the simulation.


2 hours
Up to 5 groups of 4-6 members.

Project Confusion

Project Confusion is an information sharing exercise which examines leadership, team-working, and communication skills. Team members have to share information to solve a problem. Suitable for up to 4 teams of 4, 5, or 6 delegates, the simulation takes around 60 minutes to run, and that includes time for a debrief and feedback.

Available December 2017


60 Minutes
Teams of 4-6

The Garden Party Project

The Garden Party Project challenges your team to plan a party in a refurbished garden. Will you be able to finish the project on time? Will you be able to cope with a limited budget, and different demands of various stakeholders? Will the weather be kind, and can you make decisions?

Available February 2018


90 Minutes
Teams of 4-6

AbleSim is working on new simulations to be available throughout 2018!

Teams of 4-6

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