MS Project Audit

Following my blog in March on the importance of MS Project Training, AbleSim now offers 2 new services to assist MS Project users in their quest to master the project management software!

Free MS Project Self Assessment

  1. The first service is free! A free set of downloadable questions is now available for users to self-assess themselves. A MS Project 2013 file is also provided, and by going through the 28 questions and interrogating the provided file, users can decide if they really understand the MS Project software, or if they are in need of some further support and guidance.
  2. Secondly, a MS Project 2013 Audit service has now been set up. Users can email their MS Project files to me, and receive back a detailed report in 13 separate chapters covering over 60 features of the software. Designed to further support and develop project management capability along with pointers as to how the software can help support their project delivery.

Both of these services can be accessed from our MS Project Training and Support pages. MS Project is just a tool to help run projects successfully. Unfortunately, often it is only used to a limited extent of its true capabilities, and both of these 2 new services from AbleSim will help users develop their MS Project knowledge and skills.

MS Project

Project Plan

Microsoft Project is not a piece of software that can be successfully self-taught. A little advice and support can pay dividends in understanding how to get the best out of this project management tool.

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Posted On: 30th June 2016

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