February 2016 sees the start of trading for AbleSim, even though the website is not quite finished.
It has been a long (and part-time) journey from the idea of the business over 5 years ago. To create an internet based project management simulation was the aim, and it is coming to fruition!

Rooted in my PhD

The start of the business was delayed as I wrote and completed my PhD thesis (“The development of a conceptual framework for simulations in project management education”). The PhD confirmed the business opportunity, and gave me the knowledge and ability to create new simulations.

Sneak Peep

Sneak Peep of the Free trial Simulation

Project Management Simulations

Over the past ten years I have created numerous project management simulations, and it is now time to bring those simulations to a wider audience.
With the PhD award now imminent, and after nearly 6 months of working on AbleSim it is now time to go public with the business. See the simulations and activities here!

Andrew Bell

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Posted On: 29th February 2016

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